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 Gallery 32 Fine Arts

Whether you are looking to buy or sell fine art, antiques or other valuable property, Gallery 32 Fine Arts’s  New York may be of service. Our knowledgeable staff guides both buyers and sellers to ensure your ownership of a desired object or successful sale. 

For more of two decades Brigitte Saint-Ouen has been building a reputation for excellence based on the expert knowledge. Gallery 32 Fine Arts provide valuation, estimation and insurance valuation for all works of art, from large collections to single items. Each collection requires approach and we are proud of our ability to tailor our service accordingly. The Gallery 32 Fine Arts is to provide the highest level of service, with the strictest policy of confidentiality. 

       *Fees for written valuations are quote on a case by case basis. To learn more or if we may be of assistant, please contact us at info@32finearts.com  

Pop-up events

Brigitte Saint-Ouen is pleased to share the concept she has been exploring since 2012—ephemeral pop-up shows dedicated to contemporary artists. The use of temporary venues for gallery exhibitions is an opportunity for international artists to quickly integrate themselves and their work into the competitive art market of New York City. A three days to a month’s exhibition will not only offer artists a chance to display their work to the public, but also feature their work to the Gallery 32 Fine Art's extensive network of prestigious collectors and clients. Brigitte Saint-Ouen develops strategic and innovative marketing programs that captivate the people that matter the most, connecting collectors and their new favorite artworks.

The Gallery 32 Fine Arts pop-up concept includes a distinguished and memorable opening night attended by major media outlets and VIPs with all the appropriate services (food, staff, and live performances). In addition, a series of exclusive client audiences offer an intimate way to appeal to potential buyers throughout the month. Through the success of the recent shows she has set up across the city, Brigitte Saint-Ouen demonstrates that having an element of surprise and novelty is the best way to make a lasting impression on collectors, clients and painting enthusiasts.

Selling art exhibitions

Gallery 32 Fine Arts organize every month upcoming selling art exhibitions. The gallery space includes a permanent Salon for exclusive artist the gallery represent from France, Canada providing clients with a higher level of service and a more sophisticated experience.