About Gramercy 32
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About Gallery 32 Fine Arts

32 Fine Arts is located in New York City. We specialize in European works between 1890 and 1945, artworks influenced by the Impressionist French School, and in contemporary photography and art with a focus on figurative outsider artists. 32 Fine Arts promotes the acquisition of important works of art at reasonable prices.

Works from the 19th Century are acquired from private collections and auctions throughout Europe with a special emphasis on France. Brigitte Saint-Ouen--founder, director, and curator of 32 Fine Arts--conducts exhaustive research on the authenticity and provenance of each painting and also obtains as much information as possible about the artists and their works. Her acquisition strategy is based on consistent fine quality, value and excellence of condition. Each work of art sold is carefully researched and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

The 19th Century paintings available for sale are all owned by the Gallery and represent our personal commitment to artistic investment. These works are generally priced between $2,000 - $500,000: our patrons are assured of the best value in the acquisition of not only 19th Century works but also of more contemporary art. 32 Fine Arts reflects the rediscovery of antique European oil paintings at fair prices.

Founded in 2000, 32 Fine Arts is a labor of love for Brigitte Saint-Ouen. A protégé of Madame Simone Karoff, who for 50 years helmed the acquisitions and collections of Wally-Findlay Galleries (14 East 57th Street), Brigitte left Wally Findlay Galleries after 11 years to open 32 Fine Arts. Her deep passion for art began as a child growing up in Paris and was fostered by her parents who took her to museums, antique markets and art fairs in the Cote-D'Azur, Provence, Brittany and Normandy. The elder Saint-Ouens instilled a deep love of beauty and aesthetics in Brigitte. After completing three years of study at the School of the Louvre, Brigitte had a serendipitous meeting with the aforementioned Madame Karoff and began a rigorous and intensive period of apprenticeship at Wally-Findlay, where she further developed her passion and interest in art.

Gallery 32 Fine Arts is proud to present a visual paradise to those looking to discover French Post impressionistic works as well as the finest contemporary artists who embrace the influences of impressionism like Edwige Mitterrand. 32 Fine Arts aims to break down the barrier that exists between the traditional art of France and the activities of a younger generation of artists. 32 Fine Arts has been helping individuals, corporations and decorators to build their collections of paintings, sculptures, drawing and tapestries since June 2002. In September 2002, 32 Fine Arts presented its first exhibition devoted to outsider art and "ART BRUT" with Philippe Aini. A second innovative exhibition took place on March 2004 with Danielle Lebriquir, a French female outsider artist. 32 Fine Arts continues in its commitment to outsider art to this day. 

Gallery 32 Fine Arts prides itself on maintaining close relationships with our clients as their collections develop and expand. Striving to build on acquisitions to create coherent collections, 32 Fine Arts has assisted collectors, corporations and designers for over a decade. Please visit this site often to stay informed of new developments. Your questions and comments are appreciated. Whether you are a new observer, a veteran collector, or simply an art lover, you will always be welcome at 32 Fine Arts.