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Founded by Brigitte Saint-Ouen in September of 2000, 32 Fine Arts specializes in American and European paintings with emphasis on 19th and 20th Century masters, photography, and contemporary figurative outsider artists.

Ms. Saint-Ouen's experience in the art world is extensive. In 1989, she started her career as an art consultant in Paris, France under the tutelage of Wally Findlay. In 1993, she moved to Wally Findlay Gallery-New York as the Director of Marketing.

After a decade at Wally Findlay Gallery, Ms. Saint-Ouen created 32 Fine Arts to provide a more customized service for private collectors, corporations and decorators.

32 Fine Arts is located in the historic Gramercy Park neighborhood, the home of New York City's only remaining private park and of the prestigious National Art Club. Gramercy Park was developed by Samuel Ruggles who bought the land in 1831. In 1966, the park and surrounding blocks (66 building lots) were designated an historic district. This neighborhood has deep roots in the arts and is the ideal location for Gallery 32 Fine Arts.

Ms. Saint-Ouen and her staff are dedicated to serving its clientele with the highest integrity and to continuing her life-long passion for the arts. Saint-Ouen believes the art market has become truly global, providing new opportunities for art dealers to serve their clients through the creation of a strong network of international relationships.

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Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Concierge Services:


32 Fine Arts' Concierge Department provides first class service to clients wishing to explore New York City or Paris, France.

Clients wishing to take advantage of our services enjoy benefits with a number of hotels and restaurants exclusive to 32 Fine Arts patrons.


The 32 Fine Arts concierge department provides corporations, decorators and private collectors services that would normally be associated with the finest hotels in the world. The concierge department can assist corporate clients in organizing events, gifts and commemorative awards.

The concierge department also provides private collectors an all encompassing guide to New York and Paris. In New York, we design client-specific packages focusing on personal tours of the city, highlighting specific areas of interests, particularly galleries in Midtown, Chelsea and Soho. Clients also enjoy the added benefit of association with 32 Fine Arts at exclusive openings and events within the city. The wide network established by Ms. Saint-Ouen in New York City among galleries, hotels, antique dealers, and restaurants is yours to enjoy through 32 Fine Arts' concierge services.

In Paris, the concierge department provides clients with a similar all encompassing package under the guidance of an English/French speaking art dealer. Clients enjoy the benefits of touring Paris with an experienced guide and will also benefit from our wealth of knowledge of historical Paris. Whether visiting Les Antiquaires of the Louvre, galleries in left bank or the weekend flea markets in Saint Ouen, the oldest antique market in France, 32 Fine Arts' concierge department will deeply enrich your experience of the city. Our English/French speaking art dealer will help assist you in navigating through the city and most importantly in negotiating purchases.

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Photos of Brigitte Saint-Ouen with Notable Clients and Friends

Ian Shrager and Brigitte Saint-Ouen

 Ian Shrager, pictured here with Brigitte Saint-Ouen, is an entrepreneur and hotelier. He is the founder of the Gramercy Park Hotel, which provides luxurious accommodation and fine dining just a block away from 32 Fine Arts. The architect of the hotel's restaurant, Tom MacKay, also co-designed our gallery!

Mr. Martin Blair  with Brigitte Saint-Ouen

Mayor of Saint-Emile-de-Suffolk, Mr. Martin Blais, with Brigitte Saint-Ouen, on the 125th anniversary of the village Saint-Emile-de-Suffolk, Martin’s home town. For eight days Brigitte was a special guest of Canadian artist, Martin Blanchet, in honor of the anniversary celebration. She provided complimentary tours in the town’s museum to mark the occasion. 

Mike Bloomberg

Michael 'Mike' Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg L.P. and a longtime Mayor of the City of New York, with Brigitte Saint-Ouen at a benefit.

Nicolas Sarkozy, former president of France, with Brigitte Saint-Ouen. He gave the Insignia of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor to Ray Kelly at the French Consulate.

Nicolas Sarkozy
Marjorie Tiven with Brigitte Saint-Ouen

The Honorable Marjorie Tiven with Brigitte Saint-Ouen at the 60th Anniversary of Air France at the Morgan Library

Ambassador of France and Brigitte Saint-0uen

 Jean-David Levitte, former Ambassador of France, and Brigitte Saint-Ouen at the White Nite Party

Brigitte Saint-Ouen with Canadian photographer John Fritzgerald, and Ms. Alice Marshall, Public Relations

Brigitte Saint-Ouen with Canadian photographer John Fritgerald and  Ms Alice Marshall at a a private event with F.A.O Schwartz. 

New York

A special day withTravel and Tourism specialist of ELLE magazine, Francoise Raymond Kujiper, with Erik Anderouard, General Manager of Sofitel New York, and Mr Vincent Menager, head chef of Gaby.  Francoise is especially impressed with the work of Peter Guttman, her favorite being Houseboat on Lake Powell. She also loves the photography of Jocelyn Bain Hogg, inluding the image Angelina Jolie titled Star which hangs in our gallery today.

Valentine's Night

Valentine's Night, with Veronica Kelly and Ray Kelly, the longest standing Commissioner of the NYPD ever, at New York's Rainbow Room for Bowery Mission's Eighth Annual Valentine Gala fundraising event. The Bowery Mission is NYC's most successful homeless shelter, with 98% rehabilitation success rate. 

Mike Bloomberg

February 14th is also the birthday of NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bloomberg

Happy Birthday Mr. Bloomberg! With Brigitte Saint-Ouen the night of the benefit for the Bowery Mission

Ernie Anastos

Brigitte Saint-Ouen with Emmy Award-winning news anchor Ernie Anastos from WNYW FOX 5 - New York City's #1 news show. Ernie is a premier news journalist with more than 20 years experience as a respected anchor and reporter.

Hasted Hunt Gallery

Brigitte Saint-Ouen with friends at Hasted Hunt Gallery, 529 W 20th St, 3rd Fl, New York. This particular exhibition of pictures and drawings focused on French fashion photographer Jean-Paul Goude. It was produced in conjunction with the book So Far So Goude which chronicles Goude's artistic journey as a photographer and major creative force in the US and Europe.






Brigitte Saint-Ouen and her twins with author and television personality Anderson Cooper, pictured here near her home.