Guillaume Chansarel


Guillaume Chansarel, “Guiyome”, (1971- ), French architect by education, uses his knowledge of structure and building in realist, cityscape paintings.  His urban and rural scenes and spaces are calculated renderings reflecting his personal vision of modern city life. 

Chinese ink and paint overlay on printed book pages, mounted to canvas, depict city scenes in Chicago, Tokyo, Paris, and New York.  His work is a modern representation of word, thought, building and imagination.  The dark palette, the mysterious architecture, superimposed on print backdrops, activates anticipation, wonder, and conversation. 

 Brigitte Saint-Ouen: "After first meeting Guillaume and his work twelve years ago in France, she is thrilled to introduce his work in the USA.  Brigitte comments, it is not the subject that counts but it is how you feel about it..." 

Guillaume currently resides in Paris, with his wife and three children.