Ibrahim Bassmi 1941- SOLD


Ibrahim Bassmi (1941 –  )

Reference: MBE070_B_2f 20

            Bassmi was born in Cairo where his father, who was involved in photography, encouraged him to pursue an education in the arts by his father. His art teacher recognized Bassmi’s talent when he was just fourteen, and in 1963 he received his BA in art at Ain Shams University; he then attended the College of Fine Art where he explored styles from classical to Impressionist, though he was deeply attracted to modern painting.

His approach changed abruptly in 1965 when one morning he decided he needed to paint from his inner self in a manner that connected the outside world with his subconscious. In the 1960s, he moved to New York in order to become more involved in abstract art, where he met Mark Rothko and was influenced by de Kooning, Pollock, Paul Jenkins, and Helen Frankenthaler. Throughout this time, he showed paintings in New York before moving to Florida in the 1970s to explore spiritual depth in a way that eventually revealed closeness to nature in the late 1990s.

Dialogues of spontaneity and veils of rich color upon white characterize Bassmi’s more recent paintings. His exhibitions have been shown widely across the United States and abroad. This piece is a very small presentation of abstract expressionism.

Whereas the artists who influenced him painted on large canvases, Bassmi chooses here to interpret the abstract in the miniscule, bringing a refreshingly unique challenge: this piece requires the viewer to gaze inward and examine the abstract through a microscopic perspective, thus rendering the familiar new and surprising again.