Dominique Guillemard


Dominique Guillemard

Guillemard was born in 1949 in Angers, France, where he later studied at l'Ecole des Beaus-Arts. He won the Grand Prix de Sculpture in Venice in 1977 and the Sculpture floralies de Paris in 1969 and 1992. His primary expression, however, comes in painting oils and work is regularly shown in Paris, Brussels, Tokyo and New York. In 1996 he was honoured by the Museum in Brive with a retrospective 20 Years of painting.
In 1993, Carnegie Hall in New York invited the public to attend the painter's solo performance: motion and place, sight and sound.

The works of Dominique Guillemard are a strange fascination. It is, first and foremost, a confrontation with an unreal world, a world of luxury and elegance, of dream and nostalgia, a fast and easy world. Humans are present, but they live beyond the routine of daily life.

His paintings capture our glance like instantaneous photographs.  Fuzzy from movement, splashes of color, they express a situation without details. Faces, for example, never appear. Guillemard's paintings are a form of post-photograph impressionism, which is both original and interesting.


2006:             Gramercy 32 Fine Arts, NY - Group Show

2001:             Gramercy 32 Fine Arts, NY - One Man Show

1979-1984:     Galerie de L'Orangerie- One Man Show, Nantes, France.

1980-1999: Galerie L'Ami des Lettres-One Man Show, Bordeaux.

1980:         Galerie Boulan- One man Show, Paris.

1981 to 1986:     Galerie d'Art de la place Beauvau, Paris.

1981:     Exposition d'Art Graphique in US Art-Expo New York.

1981:          Tokyo Art 81, group show.

1986-1992:     Wally Findlay Galleries.

1985-2001: Tour show in Japan group Show of French Artists.

1995-2001:     Sao-Paulo, Brazil.

1980-2001: London England, Taiwan, in US; Boca-Raton, Nantucket Island, New Yorkand Singapore, France.

2002:         Gramercy 32 Fine Arts New York, Aspen

Dominique Guillemard initial work in art was in stained glass. He was born in 1949 in Angers and attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts of that city in 1969 and 1970 while working in stained glass, but from 1978 on, he concentrated all his efforts on painting oil on canvas.

In 1979 he had his first one-man show in Nantes succeeded in each of the following years by numerous one-man shows in many cities of France. In 1985 his paintings were shown in Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast. His first show in Wally Findlay galleries was in Paris, 1986.

Since he has had shows permanently in New York, Boca Raton (Florida) San Diego, Nantucket Island, Sao-Paulo, Singapore, London, Japan, Taiwan, Nantes and Paris, France.

By the magic of his talent, Guillemard transcends what appears as real and joins some of the greatest masters in art history. As with Franz Hals, each brushstroke gives meaning to light, movement, subject, color and dimension, and in doing so invites the viewer to imagine the intrinsic qualities of the art.

More to the point, in the paintings of Guillemard there is an obvious similarity with the density and simplicity of forms with underline the originality of Nicolas de Stael's late works, we find Impetuosity, the passion and the dynamism in the dashing orchestra of Guillemard. Might the obsession with movement and speed explain this total indifference for faces, or is there a certain will or beckoning for us to greater delves into own consciousness?

As Frederick Rossif said: Psychology does not interest me, only metaphysics?E Yes, that's the word! Here, in this word, all is metaphysics where realism surpasses reality.

It is certainly not by chance that I was immediately attracted to Guillemard's Casinos, to his violins, concert and to his cardinals, Barocco interiors, Proofs-positive that we have confronted an artist who is in absolute controls of himself, his art and his talent.